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I have 15 years administration skills, 8 years office management, 2 years case management. I have always had highly complimented reviews in my work. There was a gap in my work experience because I attended college. I graduated with high honors.


I have taken rolls in trainings and meetings. I have coordinated program activities. I would make home visits to my participants to be sure they were keeping on track with their goals. I made a lot of outside referrals to build a team for support services. I helped people make long-term and short-term goals. I also provided safety protocols. I also created crisis plans for participants to be sure children were safe in an emergency situation. I have worked in a secure setting and therapeutic environment for legally committed clients needing treatment. I have worked security with a variety of safety and security equipment. I have very trong written and verbal communication skills. I possess the ability to work with a diverse population.i have been trained ro identify physical and sexual abuse or gang related activities.

Responsible to assist those individuals who are unable to pay for medical services by processing their applications for St. Mary's Medical Center Community Care program or to refer them to outside agencies.&bull l am able to obtain necessary demographic information to research insurance coverage.I am able to determine what type of financial assistance is needed and what sources are available. Experienced in contacting insurance companies on denials and fixing any billing errors on account. I have experience on cash management.


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  • Date: September 19 2018
  • Location: Brookston, MN

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