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In charge of all medical needs of 14 individuals, taking to every type of medical appt. Following through with Dr. orders, training staff in med administration, and how to follow the different medical protocols for seizures or tube feedings etc.


Keeping all medical records current, including making changes to the medication administration record, making necessary medical, psychiatric, neurology, eye, ear, GI, nephrology appointments, and going on these appointments. Following Dr.'s orders and making the necessary changes. Keeping the team updated to any changes, including the guardians and family members, writing up the semi-annual and annual reports for team meeting. I train staff on medication administration, I train CPR and the heimlich maneuver, I train staff on specific protocols for PT/OT, or seizure protocols, glucose monitoring, tube feedings, as well as oversee the direct care staff. I work with the Dept. of Health when they come to do our annual audit. Assess the individuals when they are sick or something else seems to be different with them, whether it was behaviorally or medically, and take to the hospital when necessary, or make an appointment with the correct Dr. I have very good rapport with all the Dr's that I work with and am able to fax them to see if orders can be made for labs or urine specimens so an appt. may not be necessary.


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  • Date: August 27 2018
  • Location: Fairmont, MN

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