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Wrote object descriptions and artist biographies for appraisals, blogs, auctions and a catalog. Composed object labels for inventory and the Cameron Booth exhibition. Managed art inventory, files, client correspondence and the gallery website usability.


Management and cataloging of art collections scheduling office calendar appointments and meetings organizing and filing paperwork Microsoft Office, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop training and efficient use of TMS, iMIS, Media Bin, Qi, Masterpiece 71 wpm making calls and answering the telephone and handling client concerns, in person communication greeting and speaking with clients maintaining discretion in private matters recording voicemail composing email and letter correspondence (for art acquisition and appraisal services) preparing art for shipment conducting mass mailings ordering office supplies. writing intended for specific types of audiences and uses such as blog entries, social media posts, object labels, artwork descriptions, artist biographies, exhibition catalog entries, provenance information and grant proposals.


  • Salary:
  • Date: August 1 2018
  • Location: Minneapolis, MN

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