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Acted as liaison between real estate accounting teams and client banks.


Routed signatures to assist in opening, closing, and updating client bank accounts.
Initiated wire and ACH transfers within Ultimus workflow tool and processed within client bank accesses.
Reported daily on 100+ accounts&rsquo previous day account and lockbox activity.
Pulled statements, reports and images from bank accesses by request to support accounting needs.
Established and securely maintained client bank account information.
Placed stop payments within bank accesses and uploaded confirmations to SharePoint.
Provided premium customer support to internal clients.
Researched, logged & resolved live checks.
Operated remote/desktop depositing scanners and software to make direct electronic deposits of live checks into customer accounts or lockboxes.
Uploaded positive pay files and supported fraud prevention measures.
Utilized and strengthened relationships between CBRE cash management and dedicated bank representatives through daily email and phone interactions as well as semi-annual visits


  • Salary:
  • Date: July 23 2018
  • Location: Saint Paul, MN

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