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Involved in food preparation, assembly, and stocking for Arbys restaurant Corp. Backline team member and food preparation. Assisted in the management of food temperature, day dots, and portioning of foods and stocked all things on backline kitchen.


Team member of Arby's restaurant in Lindstrom,MN. Backline specialist able to keep foods at safe temperature. Able to manage food preparation and assembly of sandwiches. Amazing speed and consistency on sandwich assembly. Able to stock well and experienced in slicer use and cleaning. Able to do am prep and pm prep. Friendly to guests and other employees. Trained in many others on backline. Clean thoroughly and consistently. Used cash registers and also know how to use fryer area. Former tasks I've learned from past employers consist of assisting with mowing and fruit picking at an apple orchard seasonally, and having a position as a retail assistant at a boutique where I stocked, cleaned, helped guests, organized, and hauled in stock. I also was a cashier there as well.


  • Salary:
  • Date: June 21 2018
  • Location: Lindstrom, MN

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