Staff Accountant with experience at large broker Insurance Company  Faribault Minnesota Status: Offline
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Detailed and driven for accuracy to complete the tasks to meet deadlines to both internal and external vendors on time. Sharing of knowledge and organizing company information to help improve agency team efficiency.


Proficient with Microsoft Software. Excel and Outlook 2010 were used on a daily basis for projects and day to day activity such as email and reporting. Knowledge of Windows XP and Windows 7. Use of Peachtree on a weekly basis for processing weekly HCP Claim data and for reconciling the Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome were used weekly while researching Insurance carrier reporting while reconciling company payable discrepancies. Knowledge of Expensewire software used to track and record employee expense reports submitted monthly. IT support knowledge. Assisted with help desk duties for two days a week during my position of Bookkeeper. I would troubleshoot issues with personal computers and printers as well as large company wide used printer/copiers that had issues. Helped with software updates and setting up of new computers. Also assisted IT with rolling out new software called Expensewire. As Staff Accountant, I processed sucessfully two reconciliation projects that contained older unreconcilied data. Filed and processed semi-annual taxes for Surplus Lines and Stamping Fees. I cleared the recent tax audit of Surplus Lines with no discrepancies for the past 3.5 years of data. I gained knowledge of how the billing process works for our AMS software, and became the go to person with billing issues by our customer service/billing team members. Implemented electronic commission schedules for producer commissions into our mainframe software to easily update changes and to avoid having to maintain multiple excel spreadsheets.

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