My main position at Jennie-o is stacking. the job requires one to lift over 50lbs repeatedly for up to an hour if not longer at a time. when it comes to the driving i would like to note that its not my main position and I am still at training.


The stacking position requires endurance and the ability to react fast and appropriatly in a changing situation or risk stoping production, though temperarly. When it comes to the driving I have yet to master driving in the blast freezer ( can't make the sharp turns with the forklift, though I am ok with the jack ). For the resturant manager position i also currenlty hold it is nothing more then running the team, marking down both sales and waist, while closeing the restuarnt during the of my shifts. nothing out of the ordinary in the second job title.


  • Salary:
  • Date: September 1 2017
  • Location: Sauk Centre, US

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