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I ensure customer success and drive new sales with excellent relationship development, detailed follow up and proactive actions that collaboratively solve problems. Ive increased profits in financial, non profit, manufacturing and retail sectors.


Business to Business Sales: Calling, CRM file maintenance, Emailing, Marketing, Prospect site visits to qualify and determine pain points and further the sale process. Consistent contact with clients and prospect to further sales process and acquire referrals.

Other Sales: Developed repeat client base with proactive measures and attentive service. Developed PR for non profit programs and sought approval and funding.

Customer Support: Administrative support for Sales Managers, Determining appropriate solutions to support client's business, detailed documentation, escalating higher level issues to collaborate with appropriate staff, shipping, receiving, order modificaton, quote presentation, increasing same-client sales with excellent, responsive service.


  • Salary:
  • Date: February 15 2017
  • Location: Plymouth, MN

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