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Member of the Leadership Team, accountable for analysis of all potential land deals. Direct responsibility for crafting compelling underwriting materials including detailed competitive analysis, market study and financial models for corporate presentation


  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel utilizing for financial analysis, competitive graphs and presentation of data.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word utilizing for business reports.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Power Point utilizing for business presentations to individuals, as well as for large groups.
  • Proficient in Google Earth Professional.
  • Proficient in Adobe Acrobat, for organizing large presentations into a single format.
  • Proficient in EnterpriseOne Accounting Systems as well as FMS (Financial Management System).
  • Responsible for market and financial analysis on multi-million dollar land acquisitions.
  • Participated in the presentation of land acquisition underwriting packages to the corporate land committee consisting of the CEO, COO, CFO.
  • Tracking capital for existing communities as well as future acquisitions.
  • Tracking direct margins on existing inventory and maximizing profit based on potential margin vs. carrying costs.
  • Assist in the process of developing new product and analyzing existing product for sales trends and profitability.
  • Maintain land development budgets and accounts payable for land development tasks.
  • Meeting chairperson for the "Community Planning Guide" process tracking the entire land acquisition process from project inception to "Grand-Opening".
  • Meeting chairperson for "Sell-Out" meetings, a presentation from the Leadership team to the Operating Team, of all documents and processes to successfully open a new community.
  • Experience in conducting focus groups and consumer segmentation.
  • Experience in Systems Implementation, Implementing FASTSales in a previous position.
  • Skilled at coordinating technology needs, having done this throughout my career.


  • Salary:
  • Date: January 3 2017
  • Location: Mendota Heights, MN

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