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Daycare cleaning, cleaned classrooms, bathrooms.


Daycare cleaning: cleaned classrooms, bathrooms and trash.

Externship worked with most groups: younger and older infants, younger and older toddlers, preschool and pre-k. I helped where needed. daily cates for infants, helping with lunch and snacks, clean-up for young toddlers as well as nap time. toddlers I did story time. this was my favorite part. preschool similar to young toddlers.

Direct care for disabled adults: daily cares for lower functioning clients ( changing,feeding) as well as assisting them with their daily goals. ie. fine motor skills, social skills etc. dealing with behaviors, assisting with problem solving for said behaviors.

Secretary for repossession company: answering the phone, problem solving, data entry, customer service, property handler


  • Salary:
  • Date: December 7 2016
  • Location: Brooklyn park, MN

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