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Previous experience in retail, food service, customer service, resin/pewter production, collision repair, custom automotive finishing, agriculture, biological research field laboratory, girl scout troop leadership, peer mediation.


Retail Experience:

  • completed general retail-related tasks in timeframe set by management, including but not limited to setting product displays, replenshing stock, receiving inventory, inventory counts & reports, meeting sales goals, building positive rapport with customers and future customers
  • taking calls on a multi-line phone system and directing them to the appropriate department, offering customer assistance and support, setting appointments, resolving complaints, working with service providers and customers to resolve complaints/concerns regarding service
  • assisting customers with choosing payment options to meet the needs of themselves and their service providers, offering solutions to technical problems, teaching customers the basics of using their chosen products, referring customers to service providers who can best meet their needs, and offering unconventional solutions to meet customers needs, as well as providing ongoing support to customers who request it

Food Service Experience:

  • Follow rigid food safety and measurement standards to process customer orders at high-volume fast-food establishments with accuracy and strong attention to detail required to complete complicated orders in the shortest time possible while not sacrificing presentation standards
  • Strong ability to multitask while taking accurate orders, counting cash and handling change, and distributing product to the correct customers and also resolving any complaints or modifying orders while also making product for those orders
  • Maintaining highest standards of cleanliness to adhere to safety standards, both regarding food and health code
  • Product replenishment as needed

Resin/Pewter Production Experience:

  • Follow precise measurements of resin constituents to assure product is of the exact consistency and quality our customers expect.
  • Follow chemical safety practices to minimize risk of workplace injury
  • Impeccable attention to detail required to assure quality of product conforms to the highest industry standards (free of bubbles, swirls, other inconsistencies)
  • Operate centrifugal pewter casting machine and make adjustments based on the age of the molds, the size and level of detail present in the molds, and the temperature of the molds after repeated pours, and solve problems related to those factors to minimize the time needed to fulfill orders, including adjusting spin rates/pressure and knowing when it is necessary to modify the molds or submit request for a new mold if it is found to be worn out
  • Ability to read invoices to produce and pack orders as necessary to meet customer deadlines

Collision Repair/Custom Automotive Finishing

  • Use dent puller and bondo to repair small dents, replace panels that cannot be repaired adequately, and prepare vehicles for finish
  • Unconventional solutions may be required in situations where tools are unavailable to complete a task (i.e., straightening a frame by attaching a vehicle to a tree using a tow rope and pushing very hard)
  • Routine maintenance tasks (changing tires, oil, bleeding brakes, detailing, etc.)
  • Working with customers to provide services in alignment with their budget, assure satisfaction with custom automotive finish, and completing work within deadlines

Agricultural Experience:

  • Assure all cattle are milked within the specified time
  • Assure cleanliness and sanitation of barns and milking parlor
  • Recognize signs of illness/infection in livestock and submit for review and treatment by veterinarian
  • Operate heavy machinery to assure timely and proper nutrition of livestock

Biological Research Experience:

  • Correctly operate and use tools necessary to complete surveys of land and wildlife, including ArcMap and ArcGIS where creating maps for reports is required
  • Work in inclimate weather to collect/observe specimens
  • Use precise language and measurements to write reports for submission to the DNR
  • Precise attention to detail required to identify species including, but not limited to, endangered mussels and hybrid grasses
  • Use mathematical formulas to present findings and understanding of mathematical concepts related to population necessary for analyzing data
  • Ability to collect, interpret, and enter large quantities of data required, as well as knowledge of how to present that data using Microsoft programs
  • In some instances, chemical safety standards must be met.
  • Impeccable ability to solve problems is required.

Leadership and Peer Mediation:

  • work with groups of young girls to teach lessons and guide activities geared towards community enrichment, self-discovery, human diversity, and exploring ethical conflicts in age-appropriate exercises and lead unbiased discussion on subjects such as human experience, conflict, ethical dilemmas, and environmental issues.
  • exercise ability to understand diverse, often conflicting perspectives and drive individuals towards mutual understanding and peaceful conflict resolution through compromise
  • use unbiased, objective judgment to determine whether resolution can be achieved
  • coordinate with other leaders and groups to determine fun enrichment activities that offer an opportunity for learning and using the skills we worked to develop
  • coordinate with individuals to meet and act as an unbiased third party to come to an understanding, reach a resolution, or provide leads to services or agencies that may help these individuals achieve their goals
  • help individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses and work towards being better communicators and thinkers, and lead open discussion on how they can better contribute to their community and develop their skills, and develop goals related to their aspirations


  • knowledge of herbal properties and uses in teas, alternative medicine, and as tobacco alternatives, and caveats pertaining to the use of herbal remedies
  • fascination with diversity of cultures, faiths, and neurologic makeup with the aim of understanding the perspectives of a wider variety of people with the aim of discerning the best approach to take and ideal language/conceptual structure to use in building rapport and conflict resolution. Particularly adept at working with peers who have Asperger Syndrome understand the perspectives and behaviors of neurotypical individuals, as well navigating society, so that they are better equipped to handle independent living, and offering unbiased advice when asked.
  • strong ability to find novel ways of communicating with those who speak other languages or face other unique language barriers
  • unusual capacity for quick learning - can learn a second language if required. Limited Spanish/Russian ability.
  • high written fluency and strong sense of judgment

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