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I have managed a Head Start classroom for the last 8 years. I have followed and successfully implemented the creative curriculum system. I have managed my classroom staff of assistant and support as well as a foster grandparent.


I complete weekly lesson plans, submit them to administration, then implement them. I assure a safe and loving environment for the children to enjoy and learn in. I record daily observations in the areas of: social emotional skills/physical...both fine and grossmotor/Literacy/Math/Cognitive/Language/Science/Social Studies/Arts/English Language Learning. I greet both child and parent daily before and after school and maintain a professional relationship throughout the year. I complete 2 home visits with each child a year as well as 3 parent conferences. I participate and help plan family events and parent meetings. I provide families with weekly activities for them to complete together. I supervise the other staff in my classroom which includes an assistant, a classroom support staff, and a foster grandparent. I am organized, reliable, dependable, and a leader. I am always available to other teachers who need help or who are just looking for ideas. I am a team player. I manage my classroom staff such that, if you were to walk into my room, you would not necessarily know who the lead teacher is.


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  • Date: June 13 2016
  • Location: Raymond, MN

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