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Experienced kitchen aide for a hospital/ nursing home. I have also had quite a bit of shift supervising experience iin fast food restaurants where I was in charge of assisting and showing employees the order of operations in the store and solving issues.


Working as a nutrition aide in a hospital/nursing home setting, I displayed thorough knowledge of state health guidelines and regulations, paid extra attention to resident's food and supplement intake records and personally took responsibility on the knowledge of the resident's health and nutrition needs and specifications in diets. I also have lots of experience as a shift supervisor in a sandwhich shop where I was responsible for the closing operations of the store, and counting down the tills. As a good supervisor I found it easier to have a positive attitude and have fun while following all rules and regulations of the store.


  • Salary:
  • Date: May 1 2016
  • Location: Waterville, MN

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