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I would welcome guests with a friendly smile and assist them to their table, take orders via in person and also over the phone, and serve food to guests.


I would greet guests with a friendly atmosphere and assist them to their tables, ensuring correct wait times. Providing amazing service was a top priority, accommodating special requests and comfortable timeliness. Answering phone calls and assisting with reservations/taking to-go orders was also a part of my daily tasks. When the food was prepared, I would ensure that the order was correct and packaged the order so it was ready for the guest to pick up. I would always be sure to mention any promotions we were having. One of my duties as a to-go specialist was counting the tills every morning and night and solving any issues there may be. After this, I would handle the bank drop and end of the day paperwork.


  • Salary:
  • Date: July 2 2022
  • Location: Cottage Grove, US

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