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Below is my work history.


Work History:

August 2021- December 2021

Machine Operator - Pearson's Candy Company, St. Paul, MN

I was responsible to keep the candy wrapping machine running, and fix any breaks as they occurred. I prepared the machine daily for it's run. Part of my role was to ensure the the wrappers were the correct size and aligned correctly.

January 2020- October 2020

General Laborer- Simon's Landscaping, South Saint Paul, MN

In the winter I assisted with snow removal. In the warmer months I helped with yard clean up/maintenance. I am familiar with snowblowers, lawn mowers, weed whips, blowers, and other yard equipment.

December 2018- December 2019

Temporary Employee- Labor Works Minnesota, LLC

I was assigned as a dishwasher with a restaurant. I was responsible for keeping dishes cleaned and the counters clear to ensure for a safe kitchen. Additionally I was given a construction assignment. My duties varied from helping with laying shingles, organizing the supplies, general maintenance, as well as other tasks as they were assigned.

February 2019- June 2019

Manager- Dollar Tree, West St, Paul, MN

In addition to working the cash register, I was responsible to count the cash at the end of the day and closing the store. I also helped unload shipments of new items, and helped stock shelves. In addition I had to create and monitor the schedule to ensure the store was staffed appropriately.

November 2018- December 2018

Food Prep- Jersey Mikes, West St. Paul

My daily tasks included preparing the food items for the day. I also help keep the food prep area clean by washing dishes, sweeping, mopping, and taking out garbage. Part of the role is to make sandwiches as the orders would come in and I also worked the register as needed.

November 2016- November 2018

Machine Operator/Technician/Welder- J&L Wire Cloth, St. Paul, MN

Daily I was responsible to set up the machine to make sure it was ready to operate properly. I would then have to weld metal before running it through the machine. Before the metal bundles were stocked and shipped I had to make sure there were no breaks or scratches and that all date codes were correct.


  • Salary:
  • Date: March 17 2022
  • Location: st. Paul, MN

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