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Dealership with 7 new brands & used. Sales process, customer satisfaction, engagement, retention, business development, marketing (mailers, pape inserts, social media, and purchasing vehicles directly from consumers for inventory.


I generally handled 80 to 100 customers at any given time. They would all be at various different points in their purchase process. I would do a needs assessment if they were not sure what they wanted and then get info on their trade vehicle(s) if that was part of their plan. I would do a preliminary inspection and a manager would also take a look at it and come up with a value on the vehicle while simultaneously using my assessment to find them the right vehicle that fit their wants and needs. Product knowledge was very important will the assortment of vehicles and vital to picking the right one and knowing what we had that would be the best for them quickly and efficiently- (sometimes we would have 400+vehicles in stock. Touching and explaining the features that corresponded to their "wants and needs" along with what I picked up about gathering information in "small talk" about their lifestyle helped to pick something that was right and I would be building rapport at the same time. To be efficient in making it a smooth process and be accurate with every detail was very important. After test driving, if they liked it we would often get into negotiation as we were not a one-price dealership. That is where we would dive into number crunching, financing options and make sure that the one they wanted would fit their budget. After we made a deal I would make sure all of the paperwork was prepped and accurate with no errors, work with the banks if they still had payments on a vehicle that they were trading, and also with banks to get the right rates and terms for them to fit their budget while being transparent to ensure that they were indeed making an educated decision. In Automotive Sales there are a lot of different cogs and gears and moving pieces from start to finish. The goal was to maximize our profit and make sure that they were comfortable with the deal they were getting- it sounds bad, but it is really more about the volume of sold as opposed to large gross profits on individual units. Most consumers on average shop seven or more dealerships online, end up going to or calling four to five, visiting two to three for test drives, and then usually will purchase from one in the end. That is where the need to be accurate, quick, confident, personable, and to really listen to them is the most important. In order to have the best shot at being the "one" in a very competitive industry, you have to stand out from the others. It can be a combination of things, but it is huge in the industry. I had a few callbacks from customers that ended up purchasing elsewhere and saying that they really wished we had one with the "x" feature, or "x" colors, etc. as they would have rather purchased from our dealership. A very important part of the business is the customer base you build, and that is from repeat and referral purchases. Not many people walk in the door and say "I want that one- let's write up the paperwork."

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