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Campus Technical Support and Project Coordinator.


[if !supportLists] § [endif] Technical on-boarding and off-boarding of all employees and contractors.

[if !supportLists] § [endif] Address and resolve all technical hardware and software needs, escalate as needed.

[if !supportLists] § [endif] Create or modify standard operating procedures and update site support coordinator manual.

[if !supportLists] § [endif] Campus contact responsible for cascading all company communication, network, and security issues.

[if !supportLists] § [endif] Campus cellular phone coordinator, responsible for providing cell phones, addressing billing issues, follow
up on past due bill notices and provide direction concerning all cell phone inquiries for each carrier.

[if !supportLists] § [endif] Kronos Super User, configure badges, assist with punch code testing, correcting missed punches & PTO.

[if !supportLists] § [endif] Coordinate multiple projects from project kick off to project completion creating a project road map
and eliminating any roadblocks, moving forward to successful project completion.

[if !supportLists] § [endif] Implement a Genetec security camera and lock door system, that will ensure the safety of all Elk River/
Britt employees and animals.

[if !supportLists] § [endif] Create ANH SharePoint to allow visibility between Elk River and the Office Center to know and align
which customers/guests are visiting each campus. The SharePoint will prepare all admins/leadership
for the visit and to collect valuable information on a metric level for each location. With historical
metrics being available for customer and guest visits, this information can be used to retain current
customers and be pro-active in how we can better solicit new customers.


  • Salary:
  • Date: August 9 2021
  • Location: Elk River, MN

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