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Leader in day to day operations. Responsible for generating/assigning action plans, and statements, as well as following up on execution of any and all tasks.


Nicholas P Treazise Manager/Entrepreneur/Craftsman

Telephone: (763-244-5094)



Manager with proven business acumen, and a great track record for leadership and organizational skills, is looking to grow year over year sales, control costs, and create a culture of accountability and safety. By widening his scope of practice, he can take on even more roles and responsibilities. Areas of interest include: financial planning and analysis, developing the talent pipeline, being a business of the community, and becoming the resident expert in a given area.


-Walmart from 08-08-2017 to present:

Job title: Autocare Center Manager (assistant store manager)


Running the entire section of the business (building and generating reports, forecasting sales and scheduling to demand, mechandising seasonal relevant displays to drive sales metrics, teaching/training associates, teaching the business to other management in training from other stores in the market, coordinating workflow, creating oportunities to upsell extra services, hiring/termination/promotions, team building, etc).

(average team size of 20-25 daily)

Job title: CAP team 2 supervisor

(backroom manager/team leader/subject matter expert)


Daily workload planning for staff, logistics for movement and storage of all freight, interviewing/hiring/developing associates to leadership roles, analyzing profit and loss statements, filing claims for accidents/product loss/equipment repairs etc, utilizing reports for compliance and safety/high theft merchandise/Bill of lading accuracy. Motivate others to drive sales through great customer service/housekeeping skills Using S.O.Ps to teach and train others, and daily use of a variety of forklifts and power tools.

(average team size of 10-15 daily)

Job title: Service Area Manager

(total operations of the autocare center, as well as the departments associated therein)


Plan out and manage workload vs workforce, forecasting store of the community events, merchandising opportunities, department item and service area performance etc. Use various reports to recognize, capitalize on, and speak to our area's performance goals. Hold meetings with senior and junior members of staff to align our activities to our store, market, regional, and company goals. Recognize and celebrate successes, as well as address opportunity areas. Coach and develope associates, to build and backfill talent pipeline. Utilize policies and procedures, to teach basic mechanical work. Build a culture of working safely, efficiently, and with a customer service centered focus.

--TLDR--: All the above, but with a wider scope of responsibility.

(average team size of 10-15 daily)


Employee of the month (Walmart) September 2019, and October 2020.

Started with 3 associates from previous management, now we have over 20 (cap team)

Since proper motivation/training, productivity has vastly imporoved. (both)

Group moral has flourished from all the positivity from our culture of inclusion and recognizing individual contributions. (both)

My plan for personal accountability has granted us autonomy from upper management, as well as more tools and resources for the entire store. (both)

My plan for developing leaders has resulted in 4 promotions from this team in the last 6 months. (cap team) and 2 promotions from from the autocare center in the past year (takes much longer to fully train to promote in this area).

Using S.O.Ps and reinforcing desired behaviors from associates has led to 5% yoy gross sales from a nearly 10% increase for our &ldquoon shelf customer availability score&rdquo (cap team)

By using the compliance and safety training notes to talk about developing a culture of safety, we have managed as a team to go over 100 days without an accident. This saved us over 200k from accidents alone from the previous year. (cap team) So far from 2019-2020 We've managed to reduce accident claims saving the store more than 50k from the previous year (auto care)

By using my C.B.W.A. (coaching by walking around) we were better able to address customer service, associate questions/training/productivity, and empty features and shelves. Thus resulting in a whopping 20% increase in our annual associate engagement survey, as well as our CFF score (clean, fast, and friendly) by almost .5 in every category (out of 10.0). (cap team)

By using my notes from the previous year on how to increase sales and attachment rates. Our auto care center has won store of the quarter. It also now boasts a perfect 10.0 on their CFF scores. (cap team)

As a team we have gone from a mediocre score of 6.0 CFF to 8.5 this year. (auto care)

Winner of the Golden wrench award for 2019 (best improvement in bay times in division M)

----Since taking over the autocare center we have gone from 2,200ish out of 2,600 in the company, all the way up to 8th in the entire company, by the end of the year! (rank based on CFF (customer service), sales, accidents, associate engagement, attachment rates, and bay times)).-----

-Menards from 11/01/2015 to 8/01/2017

Job title: Assistant yard manager (customer service, team leader)


Ensure all trucks unloaded and all freight stocked by end of day, help guests find and load materials/advise on projects and materials/drive sales by knowledgeable upselling and account managing, training staff on S.O.Ps. scheduling staff, daily paperwork for bills of lading and compliance/safety.

(average team size of 4-8 daily)


Successfully planned and executed the yard's remodel product modular.

Won an award twice for maintaining a clean yard as well as an award for yard safety with zero accidents for that quarter.

Won a customer service award for the month for planning out a home project for a guest.

-Trecise Painting from 12/01/2015 to present

Job title: Owner/operator (residential and commercial painting)


Negotiating with multiple companies, general and independent contractors, residents to plan out painting and drywall projects. Payroll/invoicing/tax/legal paperwork for self and any independent contractors the company contracts with, writing up estimates and contracts, safety and maintenance of all personal and contractor equipment, preforming painting and drywall services personally, developing plans to drive sales and sustaining good margins of profit by controlling costs.

(average team size of 1-4 people daily)

-Sherwin Williams from 12/01/2015 to 08/01/2017

Job title: Clerk (customer service/subject matter expert/salesman)


Must have deep knowledge of application products and all painting systems and their interactions with substrates as well as any reactions with other chemicals compounds/pigment chemistry/tinting strategies and machines/ light reflective values/color coordination. Managing accounts for professionals and individuals, forklift operation.


Won an award for product knowledge

Won an award for most new accounts opened

-Andersen Windows from 06/01/2013 to 12/01/2015

Job title: Line 7 Supervisor (production manager/machinist)


Supervise production of windows to specification and quantity, perform quality control, repair downed machines, train employees on all machines, perform safety checks.

(average team size of 10-15 daily)


Our team set a company record for most windows ever produced in a day that were to standard.

Youngest promoted supervisor in the site's history

Team award for safety

-Subway/Papa Murphy (Upnorth eats INC) from 04/01/2009 to 12/01/2012

Job title: District manager (Subway division (total operations))


Develop strategies to grow sales/increase profits/minimize costs/develop talent pools, ensure Subway standards are met in each location, asset protection, auditing all paperwork for stores every week (payroll, profit and loss, legal), new store planning, supply chain management, organizing all claims/repair processing, holding weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly financial meetings with owners and store managers, and working with community entities to create PR opportunities (charities, catered events, job fairs, sponsorships etc)

(average team size of 120-160 daily)


Two time winner of the golden sandwich award for best performing store of the year.

Turned multiple underperforming stores around to become profitable once again.

Helped apprehend the store manager who stole 10k from the safe by analyzing reports and reviewing footage.

Helped organize a charity hockey event that we got to sponsor.

Convinced the owners to help sponsor the Stillwater Special Olympics event.

Convinced local Gamestops to let our Subways cater a few midnight release events.

Promoted countless individuals.

-Gamestop INC from 11/01/2006 to 12/01/2009

Job title: Assistant manager (customer service, enthusiast)


Hiring/training of employees, customer service, inventory control, profit and loss reports, driving membership/reservation sales.

(average team size of 1-5 daily)

-Dasoc Painting from 06/01/2001 to 12/01/2009 (seasonal)

Job title: foreman (supervisor/painter)


Training employees, customer service, quality control, managing work flow, daily reporting to owner, and clean up/maintenance.

(average team size of 1-5 daily)

Accomplishments and Feats:

Promoted to foreman at 16

Journeyman painter by age 20

Raced 2 union painters to paint 5 stories of stairs, and won.


Walmart Guild Continuous Learning program: Through the academy, I learned

how Walmart runs and operates. I did the financial acumen, running the business, the people leadership, the various area specific core S.O.Ps, the PLE certifications (forklifts), and I began the official online bachelor of business management degree.

Self-taught by reading and application from 2011 to present

Various business, leadership, technical/craftsman, self-improvement books.

Century college from 06/01/2010 to 06/01/2012

AAS (EMT-P/general studies)

Stillwater Area Highschool from 09/01/2006 to 06/01/2009 (10th-12th grade)



Project planning, financial analysis, forecasting, recruiting/developing talent, strong overall business acumen, fast learner, self-motivating, and the ability to give others a sense of urgency.


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  • Date: July 18 2021
  • Location: oak park heights, MN

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