#Job Now Hiring Concrete Laborers in Grand Forks ND

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Now Hiring Concrete Laborers posted by Opp Construction

 Open Tue, Aug 6th 2019

 Close Fri, Sep 6th 2019

Industry: Construction | Builders | Concrete

Opp Construction
Perform tasks involving physical labor at highway and heavy construction projects. May operate a variety of hand and power tools and assist other craft workers.

The duties and responsibilities described here pertain to this particular position. In addition, duties may include any that the immediate supervisor deems necessary.   This list is not all inclusive and may be expanded at any time by Opp Construction, LLC.  This list does NOT create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, other than an &ldquoat will&rdquo employment relationship.

  1. Know and comply with the company's safety rules, policies and OSHA regulations including injury/incident/near miss reporting procedures. Bring problems to attention of Foreman, Supervisor, Superintendent, Safety Director, or Human Resource Manager.
  2. Perform a variety of tasks involving strenuous manual labor in heavy/highway construction projects perform manual work in preparing surfaces for paving.
  3. Operate hand and power tools as needed.
  4. Shovel and level concrete into construction area from a pump or a chute of a concrete truck.
  5. Fine grade fill to grades given by foreman, supervisor or superintendent.
  6. Assist in breaking of concrete, setting up forms, tying of rebar, putting in baskets, etc. Prepare site for concrete.
  7. Maintain a clean job site by picking up all tools and equipment and secure job site each day in order to eliminate potential hazards.
  8. Load and unload trucks and haul and hoist materials.
  9. All other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Opp Construction is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We encourage Vets, females, minorities and the disabled to apply.

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 Open Tue, Aug 6th 2019

 Close Fri, Sep 6th 2019

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Opp Construction

Construction | Builders

Full time

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3625 N Washington Street Grand Forks ND. 58203

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#Job Now Hiring Concrete Laborers in Grand Forks ND

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