#Job Auto Reconditionind and Detailing in Detroit Lakes US

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Auto Reconditionind and Detailing posted by

 Open Thu, May 24th 2018

 Close Wed, Aug 22nd 2018

Industry: Automotive

Clean and recondition vehicles for resale at a fast and productive rate with high standards.

The requires a person to detail vehicle to very high standards. Detailing is washing, buffing, shampooing, deodorizing, cleaning windows and engines.  These things need to be done in a fast productive monor.The job is monday thru friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Training is provided by Norseman Motors Inc.  Paid vacation, 401k, Health insurance, dental available.

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Posted by


 Open Thu, May 24th 2018

 Close Wed, Aug 22nd 2018

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Full time

Hourly $30,000.00  USD

High School

425 East Hwy 10 Detroit Lakes US. 56501

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#Job Auto Reconditionind and Detailing in Detroit Lakes US

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