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Material Handler - Forklift Driver

Material Handler - Forklift Driver

Amcor Rigid Packaging - External Job Posting

Material Handler - Forklift Driver - Day Shift

Addison, IL

Job Summary

Performs the administrative duties necessary for the efficient shipping and receiving of packaged finished product, materials, and supplies and tracking inventory.  Provides support of the production and quality departments as required/directed.

Reporting Relationship

Warehouse Supervisor


Specific Responsibilities / Essential Functions

  1. Adheres to Amcor Rigid Plastics Safety and Quality policies and procedures.
  2. Prepares the proper documentation for all shipments and receipts as required.
  3. Notifies appropriate personnel of items received.
  4. Notifies the proper carrier of delivery schedules to insure customers requirements are met on a timely basis.
  5. Properly package, address, and document small freight shipments as required.
  6. Must be capable and able to operate a clamp and fork lift in a safe and orderly manner around pedestrian traffic.
  7. Remove and replace propane tanks in lift trucks using proper lifting techniques.
  8. Perform all safety equipment checks before operation of lift trucks, dock doors, etc.
  9. Transport proper supplies from lower warehouse to upper warehouse as needed and alert supervisor of inventory shortages.
  10. Check/clean trailers to be loaded with finished product for customers.
  11. Load finished product into trailers safely and efficiently insuring that product quality standards are maintained and completing all necessary documentation per ISO procedures.
  12. Unload incoming supply shipments from trailers, placing in proper storage area, and completing necessary documentation per ISO procedures.
  13. Clean and organize work areas, aisle ways, storage areas as needed. 
  14. Performs inventories as assigned.
  15. Maintain warehouse/work area/outside loading area housekeeping standards.  Alert supervisor of any damage or safety hazards.
  16. Must be available and willing to work such overtime per day or per week as the company determines is necessary or desirable to meet its business needs.
  17. Must maintain regular and acceptable attendance at such level as is determined by the company absentee control program.
  18. Performs other duties as required.



  • Those employees with authorized training, have the ability to stop the shipping of improper products
  • Recommend Staff stop production for unacceptable quality
  • Recommend Staff quarantine out-of-specification products, materials or supplies
  • Contact any member of Management without fear of reprisal concerning questions, suggestions, or complaints regarding quality, working conditions or job environment


Job Specifications and Requirements

  1. Education and Experience:
    1. High school diploma or equivalent preferred.
    2. Must be able to read, write, speak and understand English

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Shipping Clerk/ Forklift Operator 

Job Specifications and Requirements: Continued

    1. At least 1 to 3 years of previous work experience in a manufacturing environment preferred.
    2. Operate a clamp and forklift to move finished product and supplies in a safe and orderly manner in a manufacturing warehouse environment with pedestrian traffic without posing a significant risk of harm to the safety or health of himself/herself or others.
    3. Must be able to remove and replace batteries in lift trucks using lifting device.
    4. Forklift Certification.
    5. Basic math, computer, and organizational skills.
  1. Physical Requirements: This is a medium physical demand job
    1. Employees must be able to work overtime, weekends and nights.
    2. Frequently carry greater than 10 pounds up to 30 pounds; occasionally lift 50 pounds overhead with assistance.
    3. Employees are required to stand / walk on concrete floors.
    4. Employees are required to bend; turn / twist; kneel; squat; crawl; climb; reach out and up; turn wrist; grasp; pinch; and have finger manipulations.
  2. Required Safety Equipment:
    1. Each facility requires personal protective equipment and may require protective clothing. See site specific rules.
  3. Environmental Factors:
    1. Occasional exposures to noise of 85dB
    2. Occasional exposure to chemicals
    3. Occasional exposure to vibration, dust / fumes / gas, confined spaces, humidity
  4. Other Requirements:
    1. Ability to recognize and understand numbers and values.  This includes entering information into an on-line database accurately.
    2. Ability to visually and mentally make priority decisions / judgement calls based on the situation at hand.
  5. Training Requirements:
    1. ARPNA Safety Contract
    2. New Hire Training (see new hire orientation)
    3. Scheduled Training (see plant training schedule)
    4. SAP and supporting system training
    5. Annual GMP, HACCP, Glass Avoidance, Food Defense, Product Safety, and Communicable Disease
    6. Lock Out / Tag Out
    7. Hazard Communication
    8. Personal Protective Equipment
    9. All CBT Safety Training Assigned by Corporate and Management
    10. All training required by Plants Training Matrix
    11. Food Safety and Quality Audit Expectations
    12. Power Industrial Truck (Forklift) Safety
    13. All other training as required by ARPNA

The information contained herein is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the job, nor are they intended to be an all-inclusive list of the skills and abilities required to do the job.

We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, making decisions without regard to race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class.



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Addison IL. 

Addison  IL

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Close Date: 7/24/2020

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