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Electronics Inspector PCB,PWB (619)

Electronics Inspector PCB,PWB (619)

 *This is a full time, 6 month contract position located in Scranton, PA*

CSS Staffing is looking for an electronics assembly, wire harness, component and parts Inspector who will be working from work instructions, drawings, wire diagrams or blueprints and checklists to visually inspect circuit electronics and card soldering and assemblies ensuring components are meeting MIL-STD specifications.

Daily work will include working will be visually inspecting the work and soldering of PCB/PCAs, using test equipment such as spectrometers, oscilloscopes, verniers, microscopes, gauges, hand tools, etc. and reading, maintaining, and adding proper and neat documentation all along the way. Candidate will be referencing and measuring work to IPC (610, 620) and/or J-STD requirements.

This is plant environment, and as such, candidate needs to be able to lift 40lbs, wear STEEL TOED shoes to work each day, have a knowledge of basic safety, including use of eye wash stations, etc.


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Contact Tom

CSS Staffing

Scranton PA. 

Scranton  PA

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Close Date: 4/24/2020

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