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Controls Technician ($20.50 - $28.50)

Controls Technician ($20.50 - $28.50)

First Quality was founded in 1989 and, in nearly three decades, has grown to be a global privately held company with over 4,000 employees. Its corporate offices are located in Great Neck, New York, with manufacturing facilities and offices in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, and Canada. First Quality is a diversified family of companies manufacturing consumer products ranging from Absorbent Hygiene (adult incontinence, feminine care, and baby care), Tissue (bath and towel), and Industrial (print and packaging materials), serving institutional and retail markets throughout the world. First Quality focuses on private label and branded product lines.

Our core business philosophy is built on a proud culture driven by safety and quality, respect, humility, integrity, customer focus, and teamwork. With leading edge manufacturing technologies and processes and visionary leadership, First Quality is positioned to continue significant growth in the coming years. We are seeking a Controls Technician for our First Quality Tissue plant.  This position will be located in Anderson, SC. This position is responsible for troubleshooting and maintaining controls components and systems for production and associated utility equipment to insure highest reliability, proper line performance, and safe operation.  Using advanced training, skills, and experience, provides training for other Controls Technicians, coordinates electrical PM programs, and makes complex changes in PLC, HMI, and Servo Drive Programming.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Observing all OSHA and company safety rules and using the proper safety equipment at all times.  Notifying Supervisor of potentially dangerous electrical hazards and taking immediate corrective action.  Demonstrating basic National Electrical Code understanding.

  • Troubleshooting machine breakdowns and malfunctions utilizing working knowledge of programs and tools required to troubleshoot PLCs, DCSs, HMIs and servo systems including electrical schematics, meters, oscilloscopes, etc.

  • Training and assisting technicians to troubleshoot, repair, replace and calibrate all electrical sensing devices (photoelectric, inductive, capacitive, magnetic, pressure, temperature, weight and position sensors), all electrical control devices (AC drives, DC drives, Servo Controllers, contactors, motors, breakers, solenoids power supplies and indicator lights) and all DCS/PLC/HMI hardware (processors, discrete and analog I/O cards, power supplies, network adapters, distributed I/O, operator interfaces such as Panelview, PC based interfaces), and message displays such as Rsview.

  • Based on extensive experience of the machine processes and controls systems, making critical decisions to proactively avoid downtime, quality, scrap, and safety problems.

  • Making complex program modifications in PLCs logic, HMIs programs and servo controller logic to improve equipment performance.  Working also with Controls Engineers to implement changes on DCS system.  Both of these may also require significant changes to the control equipment and wiring on the machines.


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Posted by


First Quality Enterprises, Inc.

Anderson SC. 

Anderson  SC

Posted Date: 

Close Date: 5/6/2020

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