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Where is this app?
The Job Announcement Search App is located below the contact box on your work experience page.
You must sign in to view the results.

The Job Announcement Search App uses the first 2 words in your Work Experience Posts Keywords field along with your Work Experience Category, City, State, Zip for geographical results.
You may enter more than 2 keywords or search words for your work experience but only the first 2 are used by our Job Announcement Search App.
If you would like to use only one word simply enter the word once if only using one word or enter it twice if you are using more than 2 words in your Posts Keywords box.
Example of single word search with more than 2 keywords.
Example: Construction construction heavy equipment.
The word Construction will be used by the app without the words Heavy Equipment.
The words Heavy Equipment remain in our websites search words.
If you had entered Construction without additional words then that would be your single keyword search.
It's best to have at least two words that would appear in a job announcement.
For Construction it may be the word Equipment or Concrete.
This is where you will need to change words and test the results.
Next is the Category match, when our third party job sites offer category lists we match them as closely to our categories. At times there are no matches and we default to a general search.
If your work experience fits more than one category check the results by changing your category.
You may need to create two or more work experience posts that are focused more with keywords to categories.
By default your keywords and category are always used.
We then search with your City and State.
If no results are found we then search by Zip code.
If again, nothing is found we search by your selected state.
If still nothing we do a nation wide search to see if anything matches your work experience.

For our Indeed.Com results which are difficult to validate we add the following filters.

  • Direct Hire Only.
  • Employer Posts.
  • Past 7 to 14 Days Only
  • Top 10 to 20 results.

When you view the results you have the option of following the link to apply or to email the link to yourself.
We also allow members to submit possible matches as leads.
If you have ever wondered how others in your industry post their work experience here's your chance to learn from others and to offer leads that match other members work experience posts.
Browse the site to become familiar with all of our features.
And always help others when you have free time from your search.

If you need additional help use the contact link or the help box in the lower right corner of the website.

Quick Tip: To find your posts, enter your membership ID in the word search field.
To find your Membership ID go to your account, click on Settings.

FAQ No. 31.33.3    
The “Quick Alerts” or "Email Alerts" is part of the email notification which can be changed from your Profile > Settings > Tab Notification.

FAQ No. 32.7.3    

You can hide from the public and registered members your postings and hide your resume download link as well.

From the "My Postings" link.

Click on step 4, Review, Edit, Delete.

From the Selection page scroll down until you see.

Show or Hide Work Experience from View

Select the post you would like to hide and then click the Show / Hide button.

FYI: If you hide all of your posts, your resume link will not display.

FAQ No. 33.330.3    

How to change your account information. 

  1. Sign in
  2. Click on the Profile or account link.
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Scroll down until you see the form fields to what can be changed.
  5. Click the "Save Changes" button once you are finished updating.

If you require an email change please email your request using the contact form.


FAQ No. 34.5.3    

Before uploading your resume you must add at least one (1) work experience post.

Resumes are linked from within work experience post for downloading. Without the post your resume can not be accessed by employers.

1. Click on My Posts.
2. Select the Upload Documents tab.
3. Click on the button "Add Profile Images / Documents".
4. From the "File Input" box click Browse and select the document or image you would like to upload from your computer or mobile device.
5. Click the "Upload" button

FAQ No. 35.19.3    

The best way to verify that your resume was uploaded correctly is to look at your Work Experience post. You should see the link to your resume. If you do not then you do not have a resume uploaded. If you can not find your posts using your email address or member ID then you do not have a work experience post online with us.
Be sure to follow the guides to benefit from our service.

FAQ No. 36.586.3    


Review and Email Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

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Ask your question, it may help others as well.


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