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Responsible to operate and maintain robotic welding tools and equipment in a safe and efficient manner to achieve required quality and production standards. Required to perform all position welding setup and operate a variety of hand and air tools as needed. The Robotic Setup Technician must have excellent troubleshooting skills to identify and correct issues quickly and efficiently.


1. Adheres to company policies, procedures, work and safety instructions.

2. Operate robotic welder per required specifications.

3. Completes first piece inspection ticket at the start of each shift or changeover.

4. Responsible for quality control and continues inspection for defects. Adjust equipment as necessary to produce product within specifications. Inspects quality of finished assemblies. Rejects product outside of specifications and follow non-conforming and scrap procedures.

5. Read and interpret blueprints and/or drawings to determine the specific welding requirements.

6. Maintain equipment and perform assigned preventive maintenance to ensure that machines produce quality parts.

7. Perform all positions of welding and demonstrate the ability to do so repeatedly with the use of hard tool fixtures, pneumatics, and clamps, and used to secure position for welding.

8. Changeover of equipment, components, parts or tooling. Demonstrated understanding of all functions of the robotic controller.

9. Fluent with all functions of the work cell controller, robot programming and demonstrate learned techniques.

10. Work with Engineering on weld changes, fixture upgrades, new products, speed and efficiency upgrades, and re-program/maintain all data for the robotic welder as needed.

11. Maintain logs related to work requests and equipment breakdown, ensures all shop data entry and production data logs are accurately reported daily.

12. Work with other departments to ensure coordination of required needs.

13. Ensures compliance adherence to environmental, health and safety procedures.

14. Perform other duties as assigned.


1. A high school diploma or equivalent. 4-year degree is a plus.

2. 3-5 years of Mig welding skills, and robotic programing.

3. 3-5 years in trouble shooting industrial electrical control systems down to component level

4. Operational knowledge of robotic industrial machinery which includes; motors, servos, pumps, drives, relays, A/C and D/C drives, communication devices, ladder logic, and electronic controls.

5. Knowledge of deciphering Blue Prints.

6. Strong math, English (verbal and written) and computer skills, i.e. Microsoft Office.

7. Bilingual with Spanish (verbal and written) is a plus but not required.

8. Must be detail orientated, have strong organizational skills, and is a team player.

9. Good written, verbal, and interpersonal skills.

10. Self-starter who takes initiative and requires little supervision.


Working conditions are normal for a manufacturing environment. Work may involve lifting of materials and product up to 50+ pounds and 8-10 hours of standing. Working in this environment requires the use of safety equipment to include but not limited to; eye safety glasses, hearing protectors, work boots, and hardhats. Loose fitting clothes and jewelry are not permitted.


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Posted by


Folding Guard Corporation

Bedford Park IL. 

Bedford Park  IL

Posted Date: 

Close Date: 7/23/2020

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