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Currently Manager of a jewelry trade shop and store front specializing in custom jewelry and repair work.


On a daily basis, I oversee two salespeople and four goldsmiths. We take in repair work from fourteen different store locations as well as our own. It is my responsibility to ensure that these jobs are done correctly and on time for their respective stores.

I offer consultations to the aforementioned stores with regards to repairs and custom work, as well as designing pieces for our company jewelry collection.

Because of the nature of the industry I am in, note taking is practically a religion. We live by it and it comes easily to me.

Day to day responsibilities include:

Processing incoming repair work

Evaluating the state of pieces which are sent in and either approving the work which it has been sent in for, or suggesting more work to be done to ensure a better quality repair.

Transcribing conversations I have with other stores to a computer program which is then published for viewing.

Organizing special events to keep our store in the public eye.

Processing paperwork for employees and new hires.


  • Salary:
  • Date: July 11 2018
  • Location: Twin Falls, ID

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