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Worked for the Company behind the election that you do Not know about because we did our job correctly! Set up and troubleshoot/ IT support on Election day and leave it like we were never there immediately after election!


from warehouse to courthouse appropriately represent the company. Inventory, test, maintain, troubleshoot and repair all equipment and peripherals used to run election, Load in order of setup schedule, transport in vehicles from company vans/trucks, to rental cars, vans, box trucks, set up as requested by county officials, test and provide any Technical assistance needed during election day, transport results, break down load and return equipment to warehouse to be inventoried/maintained/stored. Certify Ballot machines, Burned election data cards for ballot machines. Assisted Election Officials, clerks and poll workers with any questions or concerns throughout process. Also did poll work, travel in state and out of state for elections tribal and city/state.


  • Salary:
  • Date: September 21 2020
  • Location: rio rancho, 0

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