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Engineer in Process Automation at ArcelorMittal Steel in Warren Ohio and Monessen Pennsylvania. I programmed and maintained PLCs controlling the facilities, programmed and maintained HMI systems, and added and maintained a virtualized server environment.


  • Worked with Rockwell / Allen Bradley ControlLogix 5000, CompactLogix, and SLC 500 PLCs. Progamming Ladder Logic and FBD.
  • Worked with FactoryTalk View SE, FactoryTalk View ME, and RSView HMI systems.
  • Set up VSphere / ESXi / VCenter virtual environment and network with 3 hosts and network storage.
    • Virtualized 8 servers providing HMIs, Reports, Historian, and other process control related service
  • Added and modified reports using Microsoft Reports and some experience with Crystal Reports.
  • Maintained SQL server and programmed SQL to accommodate data collection and reporting.
  • Worked with electricians to maintain and upgrade control system hardware and wiring in plant.
  • Configured pointIO, PowerFlex VFDs, Honeywell digital chart recorders, and other instrumentation and devices.
  • Worked with company groups and 3rd party vendors to provide upgrades to truck scale system, plant access system, wastewater treatment system, boiler and combustion stack emissions monitoring, H2S environmental monitoring, and plant network fiber and wifi installation.
  • Facilitated the addition of a new control system on a previously manually controlled facility with 3rd party systems integrator during plant startup project after multi year long idle.
    • Control system used PlantPAX, pointIO, ControlNet over fiber and controlled 5 areas of the plant.
    • Worked with instrumention provider to perform checkout on 300 analog and digital IO including pressure, temperature, flow, pH transmitters, analog and discrete valves and package system interfaces.
    • Provided startup commissioning and support during plant restart.
  • Worked with Operations, Environmental, and Safety groups, and Management, to provide automation solutions to improve cost, quality, compliance, and safety at the facility.
  • Maintained all automation PCs and servers, including windows updates, operating system updates, domain users and groups in Active Directory and FactoryTalk Directory, and network dedicated to automation devices.
  • Maintained documentation and drawings, and trained operators on automation systems and HMI upgrades.
  • Attended training for PLC programming and FactoryTalk transaction manager.


  • Salary:
  • Date: November 9 2018
  • Location: Warren, OH

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