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I worked as a tutor at Northwest Mississippi Community College. There, I was a student-athlete tutoring other student-athletes. I worked closely with computers and was required to do much typing and research.


I worked as a tutor for Northwest Mississippi Community College while I attended from 2016-2017. There, I worked closely with computers. Part of my job was to help type papers. For college students, every class requires some type of essays or reports due throughout the course, so that was one major thing I worked on. My experience also includes my own schooling as well. Through my middle school (7th and 8th grade) years I was required to take computer courses. I took ICT I and ICT II (internet communcation technology). ICT I consisted of learning to type and all the aspects of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. ICT II consisted of designing webistes, htmls, and more graphic design. My 8th grade year of school (2010) we were issued MacBooks instead of textbooks, which I used all the way through to my graduation in 2015. Because of this, all assignments required typing. In college, I have been required to take more computer classes as part of the required courses for degree-pursuing students. The most recent class I took was in Spring of 2017. I have passed every computer class with an A, considering I have grown up using technology so it is extremely easy for me to follow. Typing and computer work is a skill that is more second-nature to me since I have grown up using computers on an everyday basis.


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  • Date: August 6 2018
  • Location: Tupelo, MS

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