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 Sales coach Life Coach Clinical Liaison

  LynnLynn is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  My passions lies in coaching people in all areas and in all walks of life. I help them grow to their highest potential while enjoying the process along the way. R.N. with strong Healthcare background, including sales coaching.

Location:  Minneapolis ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Mon, Aug 12th 2019

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Tag:  enjoylifecoach

Category:  Healthcare

Lynn uses search words:   healthcare sales coaching life

 Director Account Management

  MikeMike is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Business development leader with successful track record in sales, marketing and client management. Recognized for creating strategies while building relationships with leaders, team members and clients. Expert at creating growth and solutions strategist

Location:  Victoria ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Thu, Aug 8th 2019

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Tag:  MBA

Category:  Healthcare

Mike uses search words:   healthcare business development account

 Certified Nursing Assistant CPR BLS current

  SARAHSARAH is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Empathetic, conscientious caregiver with over two decades customer service experience as massage therapist, office manager, and kitchen/catering staff Current prenursing student at MCTC with 4.0 GPA Experience in long term care facility and home care.

Location:  Hopkins ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Wed, Jul 10th 2019

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Tag:  healinghands

Category:  Healthcare

SARAH uses search words:   healthcare nursing assistant

 Personal Care Assistant PCA

  BritneyBritney is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Light Cleaning, cooking, running errands, doing clients laundry, as well as assisting with clients bathing, showering, grooming and personal hygiene tasks. Also engage clients in activities like reading, talking, and playing games.

Location:  Zimmerman ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Mon, Oct 23rd 2017

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Tag:  PCA

Category:  Healthcare

Britney uses search words:   healthcare care giver

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