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Special Education Teacher

  • Jodi Jodi
  • Wed, Aug 19th 2020

Educator who differentiates and instructs students with various special needs in the least restrictive environment and still provides a free, appropriate public education. Behavior management with relationship development is my key strategy.

Education | Training... Special Education  Excelsior Minnesota 55331

Student Support and Engagement

Educational advocate and coach with over 15 years experience in working with youth from diverse backgrounds.

Education | Training... Education  Burnsville Minnesota 55337

High School Social Worker

  • Mandy Mandy
  • Mon, Mar 18th 2019

Culturally competent Licensed School Social Worker and former administrative professional eager to leverage twenty plus years of experience in administrative support, application of social work skills into a long-term position with at-risk youth.

Education | Training... Social Work  Forest Lake Minnesota 55025

Curriculum Consultant with Educational Publisher

  • Paula Paula
  • Wed, Aug 22nd 2018

Curriculum Specialist experienced working in large and small school Districts. Support provided in coaching, modeling, lesson study and implementation of new curricula.

Education | Training... Educational Consulting  Golden Valley Minnesota 55416

School Improvement Specialist

I worked for Minneapolis Public Schools. I was the person responsible for implementing and supporting Title I and III programming at 11 non-public school sites.

Education | Training... Elementary Education  Minneapolis United States of America 55408

Behavioral Specialist

Teacher/Educator and Psychological counselor who works in special education departments of school districts to help those with disabilities or problems that impair learning or social functions. Case manages students with behavior problems.

Education | Training... Counseling  Fridley Minnesota 55432

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