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 National Office Services Accounting Consulting Tax Firm Experienced Professional

  SonjaSonja is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Experienced professional seeking position that utilizes my attention to detail, organizational and communication skills. Have advanced MicroSoft Office/O365 software talent, including SharePoint. Quick study and always willing to learn.

Location:  Minnetonka ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Fri, May 22nd 2020

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Tag:  Experienced

Category:  Administrative

Sonja uses search words:   administrative experienced

 Client Services Manager with Strong Project Management

  CalleenCalleen is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Experienced Project Manager working with clients, outside teams and cross functional teams through out the organization. Meeting milestones and client expectations.

Location:  Eden Prairie ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Mon, Jan 20th 2020

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Tag:  project

Category:  Administrative

Calleen uses search words:   administrative project management client

 C Suite Executive Assistant

  EileenEileen is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Polished and experienced C-Suite Executive Assistant with successful track record in meeting planning large and small, culturally literate and passionate about making a difference as a global citizen.

Location:  Brooklyn Park ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Fri, Mar 29th 2019

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Tag:  C-SuiteEA

Category:  Administrative

Eileen uses search words:   administrative executive assistant

 Office Manager Administrative Assistant Marketing Assistant

  EmilyEmily is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Experienced, outgoing, encouraging, flexible, structured, organized, enthusiastic would be the perfect blend of words that I would use to describe myself. My 5 years of direct experience can assure you that I will be a great asset to your company!

Location:  Becker ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Mon, Feb 19th 2018

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Tag:  officemanager

Category:  Administrative

Emily uses search words:   administrative office manager assistant

 Executive Administrative Assistant Data Management Specialist

  PatriciaPatricia is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  A highly qualified, experienced, reliable, proficient, proactive and resourceful administrative professional that provides high quality executive support, exercises confidentiality, while using sound judgment and decision-making skills.

Location:  Richfield ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Thu, Jul 6th 2017

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Tag:  Assistant

Category:  Administrative

Patricia uses search words:   administrative assistant

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