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Here are some findings that might help you with your job search and job announcement postings.

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It's difficult enough searching for work, let's send a message and ask for straight answers,
Do you have a job available today or not?

Let's stop with the "Forced to Sign Up and See" approach.
Collection of emails and names only counts in board meetings of publicly traded companies.
Not the job market!

  • MnWorks.Net
    • Simple Job Posting, Work Experience Posting process.
    • Easy forms, step by step guides.
    • Simple one click resume upload.
    • Low costs to business publishers. (Less than minimum wage)
    • Targeted local job seekers and businesses.
    • USA Job Markets Only
    • Job Seekers: Best method for success is to publish your work experience, resume, work related picture.
    • Employers: Best if you publish your job offerings. Be detailed in what skills are required and list a starting wage.
    • Employers may download your resume and view your contact information if they are paid subscribers. This keeps resume collecting groups out of our membership ranks.
      Job seekers can always link their resume and place their contact information directly into their post if they would like unrestricted contact.
      Not an option at any of the sites below.
    • Employer Job Postings: Static company page after subscription. Subscriptions are in place to cover costs and to screen expired and fake job postings.
      MnWorks.Net has not had expired post or closed job offerings published. (Reposting every 6 months of closed jobs is very common among the sites listed below less that expires nearly all posts in 30 days.
    • Subscriptions deter and help keep fake postings out of our index.
    • Your Emails are answered within one business day in most cases.
      FAQ and Info pages should be read before email your questions.
    • Best of all you are in direct contact with the developer that can code applications that help you. Just ask.
  • CareerBuilder.Com
    • Good site for specialized fields.
    • Very time consuming setting up all possible fields for job seekers.
    • Many recruiters will contact you.
    • Favorite site for Temporary Staffing agencies.
    • Allows sub contacted to sub contractor hiring (lower wages due to added middle man)
    • Search is limited to their internal matching. (Not a true word form search.)
    • Claims Millions of Jobs.
    • Global Job Market.
    • Job Seekers: Best to publish your work experience and only parts of your resume that related to your experience.
    • Becareful when asked to send your resume to recruiters before a full valid job is discussed. They see what you post, they profit from types of resumes with jobs or not.
    • My take days to complete your profile setup.
  • Monster.Com
    • Difficult to setup, data mining job seekers is over the top.
    • Keyword search returns paid sponsors when no match found.
    • Less recruiters within your geo location.
    • Not a general labor site or first time job seeker site.
    • Affiliate sales of resumes.
    • Global Job Market
    • Limited results when posting work experience but needs to be done.
    • Takes days to complete your profile setup.
  • Indeed.Com (Limited to search)
    • Once US based now UK based.
    • Once had affiliate marketing and share until sold and left without paying debt.
    • Currently they sell resumes and sponsored pay per click jobs.
    • Check to post but to have jobs found detailed creative searches need to be applied or the business needs to pay more for exposure.
    • Scraper site, most all jobs come from CareerBuilder, Monster and Corporate. No small size sites or small businesses are scrapped. (Don't expect to see your jobs posted for free in it.)
    • Global Job Market
    • Single resume upload, employers pay per download which includes your contact information. Make your resume half a page packed with keywords this is a document scraping site which takes keywords from your document in general.
  • Your States Unemployment Website
    • Typically Unemployment managed by state and local government offer general labor jobs.
    • Some require you to use their sites as part of your unemployment benefits. (trust issues)
    • Most republish expired advertisements.
    • Wages are typically state required or less.
    • Collection of personal information is used for background checks while you are using their sites.
    • Lower than average success rates in that most that use site unemployment sites are required to do so.
    • State Job Market
    • Time to setup often varies.
      If you are not collecting unemployment you do not need to provide valid SSN.
      Read the Privacy Policy before you enter your home or current address.
  • Beyond.Com Network affiliate associated to your work.
    • Made up of over 1,500 affiliate marketing sites.
    • Pay per Job Post revenue income for affiliates.
    • Main site holds full database of jobs and distributes them to affiliates.
    • Publish resumes are resold to affiliate sites for membership views.
    • Global Job Market
    • Allows for resume posting which is then sold in bundles of search or as a download to employers.
  • GlassDoor.Com
    • Once the place to post negative comments about your last job now they are trying to find your next job.
    • Confusing to say the least on who they actually help.
    • Resume upload is a copy and paste.
    • No sure on the search but free word search doesn't seem to be the norm.
    • Global Job Market
  • SnagaJob.Com
    • Great job board to sign up with, read their about page.
    • The have many job seekers, more like a 4 to 1 on the global market.
    • Not sure about resume uploads and profile pages.
    • Search is easy, simple once you discover the keywords you need to be using.
  • Local Online Newspaper
    • Expensive affiliate marketing many with others listed above.
    • Local to paper distribution but can expand out.
    • Many require email sign up that often generates unwanted advertisement spam.
    • Job seekers have limited resources
    • Local City, State
  • Free Job Boards like CraigsList.Org
    • Select your town, post your announcement.
    • Scrolling board by publish date.
    • Many fake jobs but reporting a fake job is possible.
    • Work from Home and Get Rich Scams (read their notices)
    • Not private with personal contact information.
    • By City

Be sure you are an active member of the following sites to start with.

Below is a list of job boards that myself and others have used.
From MnWorks.Net to local newspapers it's important to publish your work experience and only the work experience you want employers to see with each and every site you find employers visiting.
The most difficult part of all large job boards is weeding out the fake jobs if you have many years of experience.
Other times if you do not have the experience you many never see anything develop.
Don't worry, just keep working and reword your job posts every 2 to 3 weeks for better exposure in the massive job boards.

I'll offer my success stories as well which include less than minimum wage offers to just around $100k.
Offers to use your resume in their portfolio so they can expand their industry reach happen often.
I'll list the warning signs of recruiters and placement agencies that only need your resume and not you.

You will find each site takes a specific amount of time to setup and start working.
Example: Average time to sign up, post, upload resume and search on MnWorks.Net is 5 minutes.
Average time to do the same on CareerBuilder.Com can range between 1 and 8 hours depending on your work history and skill set.
Indeed only needs your resume to so it's faster but jobs are scrapped so finding the job then finding who's doing the hiring will be your time consuming part.

The important thing to do is list your work experience and publish your resume in several online job sites and measure their effectiveness.
Some get Zero results with state managed unemployment sites due to their limited number of jobs requiring specific or specialized skill sets.
This can also be true with CareerBuilder and others in that their internal search engine often confuses key words in your resume. Once mislabeled in these massive sites you may never see the results you imagined.

More to come after editing is complete.

Just show me the job and then I'll show you my resume.


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