Getting Started as a Job Seeker

1 Add Work Experience
Create your best post showcasing your all around best work and the experience you have gained.
This can be a trade that you learned or experience you acquired while working in an office, retail shop, restaurant, automotive industry, manufacturing company.

2 Add a Picture of yourself or of your work.
Social Media has all made us almost expect to see some type of picture. You can post one of yourself or of your work. Best of all, MnWorks.Net allows 2 profile pictures and as many work related images as you would like to post. Keep in mind that over 20 images becomes boring unless it's a pictorial of how you invented the internet.

3 Upload your Resume and related Documents.
Your resume becomes a click away to employers when you upload it after you post your work experience. You can also upload certificates, references and other work related documents. We allow many common formats from DOC, PDF to RTF and WPS.

4 Upload your first video interview or show your skills in a video.
It is totally optional and your video will only be viewable to you and registered employers.
You can upload your own personal interview of the job you are looking for or upload a video of you at work showing the skills that you have posted are true.
If you need help editing your video to make it easier to upload contact me.

How to Add Work Experience

How to Upload your Profile Picture:

How to Upload your Resume and Documents


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