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"During the time frame I had a listing, I received only 1 call from a prospective employer. I am now collecting company pension and using other ways to look for jobs."

Thank you, [edited]

"Thank you for writing. I am working as a [edited] with [edited]. It's a wonderful job. 32 hours a week. Perfect! Thank you for all of your assistance. I felt so supported in my search. I do not recall my login information. Can you remove me from the system or can you tell me how to retrieve my username and password? Thank you again."

Sincerely, [edited]

I started two businesses and I'm employed trying to get them off the ground. I'm making ends meet so far and nothing to brag about. thanks for checking in, I'll let you know if I strike it rich. "


"Your instructions don't match with your webpage at all. I have sought for 10 years in this state for full time work! They wouldn't hire me with their "good - old - boy" mentality. I applied at every job offered to me in my professions! Nothing! Now after almost 5 years, you are asking me? No I am not gainfully employed! Angry? wouldn't you be? Cancel my account yourself! I am done!
Your asking question page wouldn't send this answer, so here it is! "

Thank you for your time, [edited]

"Yes, I have found full time employment, I no longer have my log in information."

Thanks, [edited].


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