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 Magazine Graphic Designer

Worked doing layouts, photo composites retouching, preflight and FTP upload to printing company for 3 major monthly magazines and bi-monthly special issues.

Location:  North St, Paul ,  MN.

Posted:  Tue, Jul 29th 2014

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Design Category:  Graphics | Arts

 Graphic Designer and Printer

Created and edited print files for digital and 4 color printing. Ran 3 copiers, 2 color, 1 black and white. Managed plating and paper supply. Worked with bindery to ensure files were prepped correctly.

Location:  Fridley ,  MN.

Posted:  Tue, Jul 29th 2014

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Printing Category:  Graphics | Arts

 Marker Maker

Clothing designer for 10 years Marker maker for 5 years

Location:  Albertville ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Apr 14th 2014

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  design Category:  Graphics | Arts

 Art Director Graphic Designer

qualifications / art direction / design New brands, the evolution of existing brands, production management and vendor relations. Areas of expertise include hands on capability in print and interactive advertising, design, identity, strategic brandi

Location:  Minneapolis ,  MN.

Posted:  Wed, Feb 5th 2014

Resume:    Yes, 3 available.

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Tag:  Art Director Category:  Graphics | Arts

 Screen Printer

6 years of printing experience using manual printing presses. I also have some design experience as well.

Location:  bemidji ,  MN.

Posted:  Tue, Jun 4th 2013

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  graphic art Category:  Graphics | Arts

 Journeyman Typesetter

Typesetting in many printing plants.

Location:  St. Paul ,  MN.

Posted:  Wed, Jan 23rd 2013

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Print Category:  Graphics | Arts

 Graphic Designer

Creative, results-driven graphic designer with over 15 years of creative experience seeking a Graphic Designer position. Thrives in a fast paced, high demand work environment that offers stability as well as opportunities for growth.

Location:  Andover ,  MN.

Posted:  Thu, Oct 25th 2012

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Graphic Designer Category:  Graphics | Arts

 Customer Service Representative

Manage product inventory for several majors accounts. Answer high volume calls regarding product and advertising point of purchase product to accounts. Fulfillment of products request for accounts.

Location:  Burnsville ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Oct 1st 2012

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Customer Service Category:  Graphics | Arts

 Designer Installer

Extensive use of: Adobe Photoshop CS3 Adobe Illustrator CS3 Wasatch RIP 6.0 Other work in: Adobe InDesign CS3 Microsoft Word

Location:  St Paul ,  MN.

Posted:  Tue, Aug 30th 2011

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Graphic Designer Category:  Graphics | Arts

 Shop Chief

Managed small crew of fabricators building high quality custom built cars. Promoted to Shop Chief within six months of hiring. In-person, email and telephone correspondence with clients and suppliers.

Location:  St Paul ,  MN.

Posted:  Tue, Jun 28th 2011

Resume:    No documents online.

Ryan is Offline

Tag:  Fabrication Category:  Graphics | Arts

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