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 R D Laboratory Technician

Assisted with process development across two different RD Salty Snack Platforms- Innovation and HMM cost savings. Involved in product improvement, reformulation and prototype preparation of samples, for product viewing and sampling aimed at t

Location:  Golden Valley ,  MN.

Posted:  Fri, Mar 7th 2014

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  product development Category:  Pharmaceutical | Bio-Tech

 Pharmacist dispensing prescriptions retail setting

For the first 15 years of my career I worked in a hospital, the next 23 years I started, owned and operated a retail pharmacy, the last 4 years I worked in chain retail pharmacy

Location:  Little falls ,  MN.

Posted:  Wed, Sep 18th 2013

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  pharmacists Category:  Pharmaceutical | Bio-Tech

 Supervisor Document Control

Managed 4 Document Control Coordinators, 2 in Minnesota and 2 in Warsaw, Indiana. Knowledge of GMP and several ERP systems.Experie nce with Document Management Systems.

Location:  Eagan ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Dec 10th 2012

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Document Control Category:  Pharmaceutical | Bio-Tech

 Senior Level Chromatographer with cGMP method development and validation experience

A senior analytical chemist with expertise in chromatographic method development utilizing gas and liquid chromatography GC and HPLC with various introduction techniques, separation modes and scales, and detection techniques. Extensive experience

Location:  North Saint Paul ,  MN.

Posted:  Sat, Sep 15th 2012

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Analytical Chemist Category:  Pharmaceutical | Bio-Tech

 Licensed practical nurse : 2277

Working with medically fragile and/or technologically dependent clients in their homes.

Location:  Arlington ,  MN.

Posted:  Thu, Apr 22nd 2010

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Non-Nrsgposition Category:  Pharmaceutical | Bio-Tech

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