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 Lawyer Criminal

Criminal Defense Attorney at the Public Defenders Office

Location:  Anoka ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Nov 24th 2014

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  CriminalDefense Category:  Legal

 Case Manager

Manage case milestones, conduct client interviews, legal research, and structure settlement.

Location:  Plymouth ,  MN.

Posted:  Thu, Sep 25th 2014

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  LawClerk Category:  Legal

 Legal Secretary Legal Assistant

I went to school for a Paralegal degree. I have done an internship at a criminal defense attorneys office, and I was hired as a part time help at Jeddeloh and Snyder.

Location:  St. Cloud ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Jun 16th 2014

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  assistant Category:  Legal

 Paralegal and Law Clerk

Drafted no-fault and high-low arbitration briefs. Direct contact with clients. The position was a contract for 800 hours. I worked directly under the supervision of attorneys, and I also worked independently to complete the assigned tasks.

Location:  Farmington ,  MN.

Posted:  Fri, Jun 13th 2014

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  paralegal Category:  Legal

 Paralegal Legal Assistant

Results driven professional with a strong background in customer service and office administration. Self-motivated and highly driven when working independently or collectively in a team environment. Strives to improve the quality of work and projects

Location:  Minneapolis, St. Paul ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Mar 10th 2014

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Paralegal or Legal Assistant Category:  Legal

 Westlaw Account Manager Lawyer

a Westlaw Account Manager for 13 years A Personal injury Attorney for 6 years

Location:  Minneapolis ,  MN.

Posted:  Thu, Feb 20th 2014

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  law. lawyer, legal Category:  Legal

 Intake Department Manager

Premier Disability Services LLC is a legal advocacy firm specializing in Social Security Disability and Workemens Compensation claims.

Location:  Minneapolis ,  MN.

Posted:  Tue, Feb 11th 2014

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Legal Administrative Category:  Legal

 Legal Secretary Administrative Assistant

Extensive experience in large law firm supporting partner-level attorneys as well as associate attorneys building their practices. High level of client contact with proven ability to maintain excellent relationships with clients and attorneys.

Location:  Minneapolis ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Oct 8th 2012

Resume:    No documents online.

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Category:  Legal

 Legal Assistant

Litigation legal assistant at boutique law firm.

Location:  Minneapolis ,  MN.

Posted:  Fri, Aug 17th 2012

Resume:    Yes, 3 available.

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Tag:  legal Category:  Legal

 Legal Assistant

Assisted attorneys with legal research and writing. Performed receptionist and office manager duties.

Location:  Saint Paul ,  MN.

Posted:  Tue, Apr 17th 2012

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Legal Category:  Legal

 Paralegal Legal Assistant

Legal assistant to two attorneys that practiced family, criminal/traffi c, personal injury, probate, civil and juvenile law.

Location:  Eagan ,  MN.

Posted:  Thu, Aug 25th 2011

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Legal/Administrative Category:  Legal

 Continuing Legal Education Coordinator

Coordinating Continuing Legal Education seminars.

Location:  Spring Lake Park ,  MN.

Posted:  Wed, Mar 23rd 2011

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Legal Services Category:  Legal


Experience in Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Immigration and Business law.

Location:  St. Paul ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Feb 28th 2011

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Legal Category:  Legal

 Legal Assistant : 2528

Location:  Le Center ,  MN.

Posted:  Wed, Jun 30th 2010

Resume:    No documents online.

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Category:  Legal

 Attorney Lawyer : 2777

Governmental operations for Indian tribe for 5+ years, 2 years legal services.

Location:  Deer River ,  MN.

Posted:  Wed, Jun 30th 2010

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Attorney Category:  Legal

 Residential Real Estate Paralegal : 300

A residential real estate paralegal, who specializes in residential sales, cash purchases and mortgage company purchases and refinances.

Location:  Rochester ,  MN.

Posted:  Fri, May 22nd 2009

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Paralegal Category:  Legal

 Senior Legal Assistant - Trademark Specialist : 190

Maintain trademark portfolio of 4,500 domestic and international trademarks, research and filing of new trademarks

Location:  St. Paul ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, May 4th 2009

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Administration Category:  Legal

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