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 General Laborer Peatland reds Inc

Responsible for maintaining grounds lawn care and cleaning product storage area.

Location:  Gully ,  MN.

Posted:  Fri, Jan 23rd 2015

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Laborer Category:  Labor General

 Ago Jackson operations assembly

I worked at Agco for two years. Was almost at the top of my pay grade before they terminated me due to expanding their employee count.

Location:  Truman ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Dec 9th 2013

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Labor Category:  Labor General

 Laborer temp

General labor manufacturing training others job responsibilitie s. Set up and run a forge

Location:  Braham ,  MN.

Posted:  Sun, Aug 25th 2013

Resume:    No documents online.

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Category:  Labor General

 Manual Labor

I am capable of doing any manual labor duties, that are needed.

Location:  Cold Spring ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Feb 11th 2013

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Labor Category:  Labor General

 Waste Management

Opening cans of household hazardous waste and transporting them for content extraction and barrel storage. Erecting metal fence around a new dump site. Collecting random debris around the facility.

Location:  Fridley ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Jan 14th 2013

Resume:    Yes, 3 available.

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Tag:  General Labor Category:  Labor General

 Shipping and Receiving Ink Manufacturing Delivery Driver

Twenty Three years with Inxs International, Ink manufacturing, I was the safety coordinator, drove fork lift, Manufactured the Ink, on site customer service representative, worked with SAP software

Location:  Blaine ,  MN.

Posted:  Tue, Jan 8th 2013

Resume:    Yes, 2 available.

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Tag:  Warehouse Category:  Labor General

 Saw operator shear operator packaging machine operator

4 years operating saws and assembling crates 4 years operating a shear and 5 1/2years working various packaging machines in a paper mill

Location:  ironyon ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Aug 13th 2012

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  labor Category:  Labor General

 General laborer

I have 5years experience in concrete work and general contracting

Location:  grand rapids ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Jul 30th 2012

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Laborer Category:  Labor General

 flexible seasoned general labor jack of all trades

6 yrs production 2.5 yrs commercial and shingle roofing, 3 yrs windows siding and doors, lifetime of farm related jobs, 10 years off and on junkyard grunt from operator to office, 1 yr janitorial, forklift and warehouse

Location:  watkins ,  MN.

Posted:  Tue, Apr 10th 2012

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  roofing Category:  Labor General

 General Labor

i dont have much work experience other than the labor of the trash com.

Location:  long prairie ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Oct 31st 2011

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  labor Category:  Labor General

 Janitor maintenance general labor

8 months experience. I clean three daycares twice a week.

Location:  Stacy ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Mar 21st 2011

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Labor Category:  Labor General

 General laborer

Learned how to build houses for 2 years 2008-2010 general laborer, dry wall,painting,t ow truck driver,auto detailer, 15 years lawn maintenance,sno w plowing

Location:  Saint Paul ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Nov 15th 2010

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  general Category:  Labor General

 General Labor for manufacturing

Nailing boards together to make sort of shelving and then using a staple gun to attach carpet to the flat.

Location:  Kerkhoven ,  MN.

Posted:  Fri, Sep 10th 2010

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  Labor Category:  Labor General

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