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 Facility Manager Facilities Maintenance Facilities Management

Management, evaluation, maintenance, installation, supervision of and repair of various restaurant equipment as well as HVAC and other equipment. Operation of various equipment. Documentation of work to be done and completed. Assessing liabilities.

Location:  Duluth ,  MN.

Posted:  Tue, Feb 25th 2014

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Facility Category:  Facilities Management

 Facilities Manager

Managed daily operations of corporate facility including, move/add/change s, maintenance, procurement, hospitality, reception and life safety

Location:  Cold Spring ,  MN.

Posted:  Wed, Aug 8th 2012

Resume:    Yes, 1 available.

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Tag:  Facilities Management Category:  Facilities Management

 Maintenance Custodial

Heavy cleaning.Boiler operation.Light maintenance including electrical and plumbing. Laundry.

Location:  Minneapolis ,  MN.

Posted:  Mon, Mar 21st 2011

Resume:    No documents online.

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Tag:  facilities management Category:  Facilities Management

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