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 Local Government Auditor

  JosephJoseph is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Inspect internal controls,Examine client prepared financial statements,Communicate with client to gain an understanding of procedures, Travel to client and walk through procedures, inspect client prepared information for correctness

Location:  rochester ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Fri, Dec 2nd 2016

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Tag:  AccountAudit

Category:  Accounting

Joseph uses search words:   accounting auditing

 Assistant Residential Business Manager Bookkeeper

  JillJill is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Assistant Property Manager for Multi-Housing complex. Conduct day-to-day operations such as: Collecting of Rent, Maintain the Accounting/Financial files and Monthly Reports, Make daily Bank Deposits, Conduct potential Resident Applications and Reviews.

Location:  Andover ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Fri, Dec 9th 2016

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Tag:  Bookkeeping

Category:  Accounting

Jill uses search words:   accounting management bookkeeping

 Accounting professional

  BrittanyBrittany is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Educated, experienced accounting professional

Location:  Osseo ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Sat, Oct 29th 2016

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Tag:  MnWorks

Category:  Accounting

Brittany uses search words:   accounting accounts

 Accounting Specialist

  MaryMary is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Accounting support in accounts payable, accounts receivables

Location:  Roseville ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Tue, Jul 26th 2016

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Tag:  legalbilling

Category:  Accounting

Mary uses search words:   accounting billing cash application

 Program Director of Group Homes Senior Management

  AndreaAndrea is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  As Program Director for SEEK Home I was responsible for managing group homes for adults with DD and overseeing corporate accounting, IT, researching legislative changes in the field. Additional: scheduling, maintenance, on-call, Special O Head Coach.

Location:  St Michael ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Thu, Jun 30th 2016

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Tag:  Dedicated

Category:  Accounting

Andrea uses search words:   accounting director senior management

 Office Manager Account Payables Billing

  JuanitaJuanita is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Accounting part time

Location:  Maple Grove ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Thu, Jun 23rd 2016

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Tag:  parttime

Category:  Accounting

Juanita uses search words:   accounting industrial recycling construction

 Accounting Clerk Accounts Receivable

  MichelleMichelle is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Processed Monthly Service Billings and Trouble Call Invoicing to customers based on terms stated per contract.

Location:  Le Center ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Mon, Jun 20th 2016

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Tag:  AcctsRec

Category:  Accounting

Michelle uses search words:   accounting elevator invoicing billing

Workers accounting experience in United States of America US on MnWorks.Net Jobs.

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