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No need to read over hundreds of resumes when you can browse work experience highlights directly from our members.
Once you find the work experience you desire then you can read the their full resume and contact the job seeker directly.

If you're worry about time here's a few numbers that should make you relax.
Average time to publish job announcements is just under 3 minutes when you have your announcement ready to publish.
Average time to search specific qualifications and find just the member you need is under 2 minutes.

With one visit each day using two or more search words you'll be able to gather candidates for your job opening.
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MnWorks.Net will assist you and help you find candidates for your active job openings.

We have over 100 active recruiters that are willing to work with you or you can do it yourself with the MnWorks.Net recruitment tools.

From posting your job openings to gathering candidates for interviews MnWorks.Net has automated processes that will help you save time and money.

Take a 7 day tour with your active job requirements posted to see how we work for you.

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