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 Online Customer Service

  SharonSharon is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Staff chat line. Read incoming chat. Determine order number, past incident numbers, other numbers. Determine facts, actions, dates, times. Prompt system if mistakes /delays. Tell customers status, solutions. Check customer satisfaction. Document.

Location:  St Paul ,  US.

Updated / Searched :  Tue, Jul 30th 2019

Media:  Images: 0 Videos: 0 Documents: 1

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Tag:  chat

Category:  Internet Based

Sharon uses search words:   internet based chatline

 Front End Web Developer

  TobyToby is Offline

Job Seekers Summary:  Motivated, creative and adaptable interaction developer with 15 years of experience and a keen interest in UX/UI design. Looking forward to gaining more experience in the M.E.A.N. stack specifically MV libraries.

Location:  Saint Paul ,  MN.

Updated / Searched :  Mon, Feb 27th 2017

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Tag:  Web

Category:  Internet Based

Toby uses search words:   internet based html javascript

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