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A proven key player in rapid business growth, managing 300 households. Maintaining office integrity serving as the point person for all Client Service management and dedicated tasks in Operational Management. Thriving in a versatile and challenging role.


FPpf prep actions (creating/sending MAPA's & Blue folder, coord receipt of FPpf ques after sent by advisor)
Preparing and processing Client 3PA's (Ex: AXA)
Prepare meeting rooms prior to client meetings
Preparing FPpf Kits, Printing CA's, Estate docs, etc.
Processing Client address, email and phone changes
Processing Client delivery pref changes (electronic/paper)
Processing Former Client Ops tasks
Processing MAPA Subscription requests
Processing Amazon Book orders
Complete New Client Follow Up Tasks (emailing Detailed MAPA's, Adding to SOC)
Stuffing/Mailing all grn Qrtly Billing Cnfrms to clients
Processing new inquiry calls/website emails
Requesting FedEx shipments & ordering FedEx supplies
Processing mail coming in/going out
Answering and routing calls (10:30am - 2:30pm)
Updating SL's relating to ACH IN's/Intrnl Trnsfrs/Acct Trnsfrs/etc.
Maintaining TDA Pre-Assigned Acct #'s list
Making meeting confirm calls (as needed)
Adding NAPFA meetings to Junx/Outlook
Assisting SK at speaking events
Forms prep (Applications/MV$'s/Trnsfrs/etc.)
Opening Accounts (Processing Applications)
Linking Banking information (Prepping/Processing MV$'s)
Resolving all TDA NIGO Case Files
Updating Client Beneficiaries
Responding to client emails in a timely fashion (depending on true urgency)
Client instructions/correspondence relating to forms, etc.
Addressing in-person client requests (urgent vs. non-urgent)
Creating & Processing ACH OUT's/ACH IN's/WIRES/Intrnl Trnsfrs
Processing Client Rebalances (PA vs. 3PA) updating login info/rebal notes/procedure)
Processing & Confirming RO's/Trnsfrs
Preparing & processing client RMD actions
QB Automation, Streamline Workflows, P&P Manual, Training Manual, M:Drive project, Converting from paper to electronic filing system (getting rid of beige files/former client blue folders, get rid of filing cabinets, making more room for other things)
Quarterly Billing (processing CC, invoicing, payments, bookkeeping, emailing QBC's)
Ongoing Billing (FPe fees, 5500 Compliance Prep, Hrly, etc) access and trouble-shooting with clients
Maintaining Laser App Software for MAP
Coordinate w RS/planning to Schedule client meetings, adding actions to Junxure/Outlook
MAPU Sessions
Office Meetings/MAP Events
Training new MAP employees
Addressing in-person planning/ops req (urgent vs. non-urgent)
Ordering office supplies (Envelopes, Letterhead)
Maintaining menus, placing food orders for MAP team
Managing SOC postage/expences
Managing FP Postage Meter & supplies
Assist with building maintenance/upkeep


  • Salary:
  • Date: March 30 2020
  • Location: Rosemount, MN

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