In the next chapter of my career, by objective is to leverage my well rounded background, in effort to assist a motivated company to prosper. I have multiple talents in several areas, and instill a passion for innovation personal growth .


Very involved in the re-design, and corresponding physical modifications, of a sophisticated production machine (for previous employer). This included selecting the mechanical and electrical components, as well as writing the electrical schematics. This machine replaced it's predecessor with nearly twice the production capability.

Routinely involved in the research & development techniques, utilized on existing production equipment & processes, and in turn, significantly increased productivity, safety, and employee satisfaction.

In previous Sales Manager related roles support structure sales increased significantly, even when some competitors were losing market share, and often exceeded sales goals.

Managed a "Sales Dept." for a previous employer, including a small "Estimating Dept."

Listed on previous employer's patents, and personally acquired (2) patents & (1) patent pending status.

Served as "employee representative" on Antioch Corporation Board of Directors. Currently serve on the Board of Directors for a local "community focused" organization.

Solely generated the necessary "technical writing" for a recent employers updated web-site.

Served on the Safety Committee and Quality Assurance Committee for a previous employer.

Responsible for familiarizing potential customers, engineers, architects, specifiers, & contractors of products I represented for previous employers.

Trained both internal and external employees, as well as EIT's (Engineer In Training), in the technical aspects of different production equipment, products, and processes.

Created and maintained a "repeat customer base" in a Sales Manager related role that was second to none for a previous employer.

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