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How to add job postings (help wanted) posts as an Employer.

Anonymousby Anonymous on Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010

Posting your help wanted job post for employers and recruiters is very easy but will take a little time. We like to cut out the fat, fluff and the typically company information that has nothing to do with the job you are looking to fill. Read more...

Adding a new job post is easy but not always quick. Employers should talk about the job and what they expect candidates to know regarding the job. This should be detailed so you can attract more qualified applicants as well as informing your applications from the start what you expect.

The number one waste of time most large corporations do is talk about how great it is to work with the company and focus on benefits more than the actual job. New job seekers may find this information helpful while more skilled workers find this information a waste of reading time. Benefits can be mentioned as part of the hiring package but focus should be on what you expect the applicate to know before applying for the job.

We will be showing some good examples and why some employers find skilled workers faster than others. Many times overlooking what you might think is obvious can lead to a qualified worker clicking away from your post.

Posting your Help Wanted announcement

Create Account:

First you will need to sign up as a business member or employer. Use our "Create Account" link to register.


Click on the login link near the top of the page and login to your account.


My Account:

Most everything you will need will be in your My Account page. This should be your first page visited after login. You may also find in the left menu column other links specific to your login type.


Add New Job Post

Employers that do not have any job posts online with us will see a single button Add Job Post. The image below shows more buttons and options because of active job posts.


In the image above you should see the following buttons and drop down menus.

  • Add Job Post
  • View Job Post
  • Edit Job Post
  • Show or Hide Job Post
  • Delete Job Post

Add Job Post

Click the add job post to add a new job posting. Follow the link below for more information about the add job post page.

Link to the Training article Add Job Post is will be posted soon.

View Job Post

The drop down menu to view your job post should redirect you to the actual job post page. Here you will see how visitors view your job post.

Edit Job Post

From the Edit Job Post menu click on the job post you would like to edit then click the Edit Job Post button. This will be the same form as the Add Job Post but will include your information for this job post. You can then edit or update information.

Show or Hide Job Post

Once your first job post is approved by one of our mentors or editors you will see the job post in this list. This is so you can post future jobs online ready to be shown or hide a job for any reason. Be sure you check the job closing dates because any job hidden that has reached it's closing date will be deleted.

Delete Job Post

Once your job has been filled you can manually delete the job before the closing date or wait for the closing date and our system or mentors will delete it for you.

Look for more trianing tips in our member pages.

Notes: Old Jobs, out of date postings, closed positions or job posts that are not imidiate hire. Anything that isn't a valid job we concider as a fake job. Many job sites repost old out of date jobs so they have content and look like they have something to offer. Most of the site that do display closed or fake jobs are in the business of collecting resumes. We do not follow this rule when it comes to our direct employer postings. If the job is not valid we will remove it from our site.

Anonymousby Anonymous on Friday, Apr. 8, 2016

When you monitor a group of job seekers of people month to month you often times miss out on people that jump from job to job or work temp labor. The federal unemployment numbers are created from a perfect environment in which everyone files monthly.
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Article. 1.306.1    

Anonymousby Anonymous on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011

Searching jobs online at MnWorks doesn't require any login or creating an account. You will find links to apply directly with the hiring company.
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Article. 2.276.1    

Anonymousby Anonymous on Wednesday, Jun. 8, 2011

We have seen a growing trend with some job posts to skip over what we consider very important fields. Our job seeker use your post to qualify themselves before applying to your company. This reduces the number of unqualified applications in your in box.
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Article. 3.269.1    

Anonymousby Anonymous on Tuesday, Jun. 7, 2011

We have seen a growing trend with some job posts to skip over what we consider very important fields. Our job seeker use your post to qualify themselves before applying to your company. This reduces the number of unqualified applications in your in box.
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Article. 4.268.1    

Anonymousby Anonymous on Tuesday, May. 31, 2011

Job seekers should know how employers contact you via our MnWorks websites. The best method is to have your contact information in your resume. In fact a few have actually named resumes first name, last name, phone (no dashes) or email address.
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Article. 5.267.1    

Anonymousby Anonymous on Monday, May. 16, 2011

If you are new to our site you might not have seen how we started creating categories. We posted an announcement similar to this one asking employers and job seekers what categories are needed. Today we have 3 new categories.
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Article. 6.264.1    

Anonymousby Anonymous on Monday, May. 16, 2011

We are ask many times about why we don't use resume scanning software so job seekers can just upload a resume and be done. The answer is Keywords and Word Density.
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Article. 7.265.1    

Anonymousby Anonymous on Saturday, May. 7, 2011

Searching for a job takes talent today. If you are a master at searching Google you have a better chance of finding work using online websites than someone that has never searched or used the internet. We want to help everyone and will be posting help.
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Article. 8.261.1    

Anonymousby Anonymous on Tuesday, May. 3, 2011

We have many contractors that use our site to promote their skills to all regions of the USA. Others need to be able to search city and state levels. MnWorks.Jobs offers a full search, work experience posting and job posting board for all to use.
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Article. 9.258.1    

Anonymousby Anonymous on Tuesday, May. 3, 2011

When you are looking locally for a job or for employees and job candidates be sure to select the state you are looking in. The Select your State drop down menu is located on the right side of every page. Select National Search to see all posts in the USA.
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Article. 10.259.1    

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